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Student Work Sheds Light on Our Theme

Students in L&S 10 were asked to respond creatively to Turing's Cathedral, and several submitted responses that the program organizers wish to share with a larger audience. Their reactions to the book are not only creative but also can give other readers a more in-depth understanding of aspects of Turing's Cathedral and the theme of The Dawn of the Computer Age.

The first of these is by Laura Harker, who created a website... read more


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Dawn of the Computer Age

The campus's annual On the Same Page program was created to welcome new students to Berkeley's extraordinary intellectual environment. Your 2013-2014 On the Same Page program is entitled The Dawn of the Computer Age.

This year's featured author is George Dyson, whose new book Turing's Cathedral describes the strange and remarkable history of the creation of the digital electronic computer. This work was chosen to appeal to students--and faculty--from across the disciplines. What could be more intriguing than the birth and explosion of the digital universe, and the amazing historical context in which it occurred  -  the Cold War development of the H-bomb, cryptography, molecular genetics, and of the entire concept of what we... more